Brandon Sanderson

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Brandon Sanderson

Brandon Sanderson is one of the best fantasy authors in recent history. His idea of the “Cosmere” is a unique take on an interconnected universe crossing over many of his different series. The characters he creates are compelling and humanized. His power systems are original and thoroughly explained. The stories he writes are well written with excellent concepts.

Many of Sanderson’s books and series take place in the “Cosmere,” an interconnected universe he made to help with his stories and characters. We, the readers, have gotten confirmation of multiple “world hoppers,” characters that appear in multiple books/series in different worlds. The character Hoid is the best example of this as he is present in every Cosmere book/series at least once, usually as something of a cameo, but still existent.

Characters are one of the most important aspects of a novel and few people can create characters that seem truly human and real and Sanderson is one of them. Sanderson makes characters that have believable motivations and conflicts, contradictions are called out, and flashbacks are given proper transitions or dedicated chapters. Internal conflicts are the main motivations for many of his characters. Kaladin, the main character of The Way of Kings, believes he has failed and come to think that he can only fail. His character interactions are reasonable and understandable, making them have defined and human personalities.

No fantasy novel is complete without a defined presence of magic or technology, thoroughly explained or specified as nonexistent. The worlds which Sanderson creates are firmly in the former. They are interesting, clever, and specific; they are clearly defined and limited in what they can and cannot do. I have never heard of another magic system predicated on eating metal and “burning” it to gain magic powers like seeing other possible iterations of yourself, or being born with an innate power that you can give away but without it you are a sedentary lay about. Magic should not be infinite in a story, and Sanderson understands this.

To reiterate, most of his stories are connected in an understandable way, his characters make you care about them, their goals, their motivations, and his magic systems are all well thought out and specific. Hence, read any and all books written by Brandon Sanderson.