New voices enter the Davis High School choirs.

Ella Martinez

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Davis High School choirs have a new wave of voices entering the ensemble this new school year. 

As the new school year begins, new students begin to come from junior highs. Everything becomes new to them, including a new choir. For twenty-two years Davis High choir teacher Ms. May has watched hundreds of students enter.

When students enter Ms. May’s classroom, they learn that her style of teaching is much different from any other teacher they have had in the past. She knows unique styles and warmups to match up different students with their talents.

“I always love to have new students as they come. I hope they would see the value in learning from a different teacher knowing that I do different exercises and techniques than their teachers before me.” Ms. May said gratefully.

“I think Choir is a fun class and singing is my passion coming into a choir I can find new voices that I have never heard before and I’m really curious,” said Ashley Harris a new choir student.

New students are learning what it is like to be in a more advanced class and as they learn they can grow into even better choirs. This can give them a good sense of success over time. They also begin to learn new concepts, one specifically known as music theory.

“I would like to learn more about music theory and how to sight read so I can understand the music.” Ashley Harris added.

Many students enjoy singing and when they discover music it makes the subject more interesting. Over time, students begin to love class and want to come. Even though new students struggle at the beginning they soon learn how to follow the flow of music.

Because of Covid, last year things changed, and new hopes have come for this year. Students who entered this year will only know some of the struggles from last year. They won’t understand many of the restrictions of singing during a huge pandemic.

“With covid it was definitely different and I’m hoping now students recognize how important it is understanding that practice we can enjoy and that we now have an audience,” said Ms. May. She also stated she was happy last year is over.

New students that enter the choir wonder what’s going to happen with the new year. They wonder what experiences they will have and what new knowledge they will gain. Questions will flood their head, questions that will be answered over time.

The hope that this year will be much better than last is enormous and gives teachers a little bit more of a push this year. Ms. May is especially excited about this year. She has many hopeful ideas that yearly scheduled performances won’t be delayed.

“I hope to be able to finish this year doing all our performances, creating relationships, and learning new talents,” said Ms. May in hopes for this new year.