Dress code: against or for the students?

Lauren Stewart

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Dress code: against or for the students?

High school dress codes have been protested all over the country. The dress code is all about making education a priority. A common assumption is that the dress code is pointless and oppressive, however the dress code is intended to promote safety, learning, and much more. The dress code is also to help students prepare for professional workplaces post high school.

“The intent of the dress code is to help students learn professional dress.” says Principal Wilkey.

Administrator Amanda Taggart goes on to explain that there are dress codes everywhere. For example, wearing a uniform at work or wearing a swimsuit at a pool.

It is district policy to create a safe and nurturing environment for students. Part of having a safe school environment is the dress code. Taggart brings up the point that having lewd or inappropriate words or images on a t-shirt can take away from that.

Principal Wilkey brings up the fact that the dress code isn’t just black and white and is more of a gray scale because they really don’t want to disrupt learning. If teachers or administration were to dress code every student over every little thing, nothing would get done.

Administrator Douglas Peterson states that “Last school year, there was only 1 dress code violation recorded. So far this year, there has been 1 violation recorded.”

Our dress code reflects our community’s standards, meaning that it is changing and adapting to what our community chooses to allow. For example, the dress code has already been changed to have less restrictive rules on facial piercings and colored hair.

The dress code will continue to change and adapt to create a safe and creative place for students, as well as ensure safety in schools.