Photo clubs starts for Davis high students

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Photo club starts at Davis high for all students, full of fun ideas and new things to learn, every single club meeting.

Photo club is just a simple club for aspiring photographers to learn new things that they would not learn in either of the two photo classes, and polish things that have been learned in the past. Photo club is great for any level of photographer, from just barely knowing how to work a camera to already making money off photos.

Photo club started last Thursday (the 16 of September), and is meeting every single Thursday for the rest of the year. Mr. Miller (Club Advisor) when asked how he feels about the club said, “It’s a good opportunity for students to learn and have fun about photography”.

When asked how he feels about the club Ian Jenson answered, “I feel the photo club is one of the cooler clubs that we have because we’re able to explore different opportunities in photography”

When asked what he was most excited about Ian said “I’m pretty excited to use medium format film, I’ve been wanting to use that for a while, but the cameras are very expensive, so I get to use the schools”

When asked if there was going to be anything new, like new techniques or equipment, Mr. Miller commented, “we’ll use the studio in untraditional ways since when we’re in class, we only use traditional techniques”.

After talking to both Mr. Miller and Ian Jensen, I asked them how they think we are going to get more people into photo club Ian said, “I feel soon as its all set and we start having more fun things then we’ll hopefully get more people”, Then Mr. Miller said “Do we want more people in Photo club?… I feel soon as people start figuring out what’s happening in photo club then more people will hopefully join”.