Tyler, the Creator, an odd influence

Olivia Brockman

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Tyler Okonma is a rapper that has taken over the internet with his blunt words and his sense of humor. He has won a Grammy, BRIT Award, and an MTV Video Award, and has designed clothing and merchandise.

Tyler, the Creator, first arose on the music scene in 2007 with “Odd Future”, he has satisfied his title through an offbeat, unashamed way to deal with creation, all while changing himself from a dull power lyricist to an unguarded, adaptable artist.

His most successful album was “Igor”. “Igor” has gotten 122.9 million streams. Tyler The Creator set his spot at No.1 on Billboard 200. In contrast with his different collections, this was the first out of five for Tyler, The Creator to be at No.1.

“Go to the mall and buy some potato salad,” Tyler said when getting asked what he was going to do after getting nominated for a Grammy.

Okonma has a sense of fashion and humor has helped his success. He has become a trendsetter in the fashion world. Okonma said he accepts everybody dresses something similar, his own ethos is a salute to the abnormal.

“Growing up an inner-city black kid, I wasn’t the most masculine, I wasn’t into sports, I like pink,” said Tyler, the Creator to a sold-out crowd.

Okonma has started his own clothing company called Golf Wang. It shows cases vibrant clothing which features geriatric menswear that is marketed to young fashionistas.
Tyler, the Creator made dressing like a grandpa cool, got men to shake pink tennis shoes with flowers on them, and is a voice for the untouchables who walk to the beat of their own drum.
I never had a drink in my life. I don’t smoke or anything.” He has influenced part of his audience to not smoke or drink.
Tyler, the Creator has had success in many ways and it could only go up from here with him planning on more albums and tours.