Connor Evans

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    I interviewed kid at davis about the jewlery program and they said that it had a lot to be desired the teachers are great and have a lot of character and do a great job in there job but the equipment is subpar and is not up to the dart standard.some of the kids favorite project to make in jewlwery is earings braclets and pendents cold connection with two pecies of stone a jewlwery sae peace sign and cresent moon shape earings The jewlwery program left a lot to be desired -kai messickThe jewlwery needs better torches abetter files just updated recources all the recources are over used and out dated the original teacher mer is super nice both very liberal and creative very open minded great fun teachers the newer one had a major in jewelry and the other one is very loved by the students emmas relationship with mer is very awesome shes very smart and a role model emma says emma ssays that she does her daughters hair.I love Mer she is my favorite- EmmaThe studio has nickel not stainless steel the students would like it if they could get sterling silver for there projects the very best students spend 4 hours a week I interviewed Emma Garcia the star jewelry student about the class and she has nothing but positive things to say about the class and program I think the bond that mer has with her students is what makes the class environment so special she loves to talk to hers tudents on a peer to peer basis and that’s what a lot of teachers miss out on she can really connect with her students on a very personal special level I feel like they start very basic and slowly advance-emma