Christmas in October?

Katelin Juluson

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Homecoming was on September 18th and girls started asking to the next dance, the Christmas dance, the night of! Why? I asked some girls at Davis High School why they felt the need to ask so early. Lots of their answers were that they either felt pressured to or didn’t want their date to get taken.

“I asked 4 days after the dance because all the hot guys were getting snatched up too fast.”, says Taylor Leavitt. She felt inclined to ask so early because of how early other girls were asking. Another quote “I asked 5 days after homecoming, because Davis girls went insane and started asking all the boys so I had to if I wanted to go.”, says Greta Svagrova.

These are just a few examples of girls feeling the force to ask so early, because of other girls. Another trend pops up with this; guys getting nervous because all their friends were asked so early, so they worry that they aren’t going to get asked. “I asked last weekend, he was nervous he wasn’t going to get asked and I didn’t want him to stress.”- Anonymous.

Girls asked so early because they felt the need to ask, because of how early other girls were asking. Who started the trend of asking so soon after the last dance? And why so early? “I asked a week ago because I was worried the guy I liked was going to get asked.”, says Phebe Ramsdell. “I asked four days after homecoming because I didn’t want the guy I wanted to take to get asked.”, states Aubrey Morris.

Girls asked so early because they wanted to make sure they got to go with the guy they wanted to. This started a cycle of other girls feeling the stress to ask as soon as they could so that they could also go with the guy they wanted to.