From volleyball rookie to expert teacher

Sylia Arnell

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January 11, 2022
From volleyball rookie to expert teacher

McKay Barker is not only an excellent fit for life and health teacher, but an awesome volleyball player and coach too! She played on Davis Highs Volleyball team when she was in high school and being on that team was a major reason she began teaching in the first place. 

Barker made the volleyball team for junior high in 8th grade and only loved it from there. There were tons of other sports she was playing but didn’t love those sports as much as volleyball. She then went from there to play at Davis and then in college.  

“I loved the girls I was playing with, and I was doing other sports, but I just didn’t love them as much as volleyball.” 

She loved being on a team and really wanted to be able to play volleyball for as long as possible. The easiest way to coach volleyball still was to teach something with it. Choosing fit for life and health was easy. 

“I feel if you’re going to teach you should teach something that you are passionate about, and I am passionate about exercise.” Barker said. 

She enjoys both subjects she teaches and feels that teaching high school is better than any other school area. Both subjects are great, and each comes with their pros and cons. Barker has a degree in exercise so combining her likes into her classes is enjoyable. She loves teaching high school because they seem to be more fun to work with. 

“I don’t love teaching younger kids, so if I was gonna teach any grade, I was gonna choose high school. I feel I can tease and have more fun with them.” Barker explains. 

Barker has taught at both Northridge High and Davis and both were perfect environments for her. There is a support system at Davis that makes teaching a more pleasant experience.  

“The PE administration is great and the Administrator for volleyball is great as well. There is tons of support here.” Barker exclaims. 

If she wasn’t teaching gym or health, she would love to teach physics, including kinesiology, or psychology. She loves relating everything she does back to exercise and staying healthy. Barker enjoys coaching and teaching and hopes to continue years to come.