Labor Shortage Buries Highschool Students in Work

    Hallie Kinsley

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    Labor Shortage Buries Highschool Students in Work

    The labor shortage in the United States is Burying high school students in piles of work on top of classes, leaving them desperate for some sort of relief. With few workers and overwhelming hours, its becoming increasingly difficult to hold a job on top of school.

    “I work 37 hours on top of a 32-hour school week … I got pulled into three closing shifts I wasn’t scheduled for. I’m dropping out of classes I should be passing because I don’t have the time or energy to make it to classes,” Kampbelle Squire, a nearly full-time worker attending Davis high comments on the effects of the shortage.

    Everywhere you look, there are ‘help wanted’ signs. A sign on the counter of the Kaysville Kneaders reads, “We are severely understaffed. Please be patient with any wait times.”

    With few workers to go around, those that do show up end up getting worked to their very limit.

    “I couldn’t juggle the hours I was working on top of school. I feel bad for the other employees, but I had to quit for my mental health,” Nick Arancibia, a former Kaysville employee explains.

    The reason for the worker shortage seems to be the unemployment money getting paid to those without jobs – they can continue to make money without working, despite the clear need for workers.

    “Government Scum. Soon they’re going to be taking 25% of m paycheck each week. Meanwhile, people that could work don’t want to because the government gives them money.” Squire says.

    What is to be done about this worker shortage? When the few people that do need to work are becoming overworked, and those that should be working get government handouts, a system is created that makes it difficult to hire or keep workers.

    It is yet to be seen what will be done about this problem, but for the time being, Davis High Schoolers will be worked like adults, or quit to save their grades, and their mental health.