Homework, is it helpful?

Ella Martinez

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Homework is something students have to deal with on day one of school in every single year. Many students must go home and work on assignments teachers have given to study the material they are learning.  

“Homework is given so students can practice what they learned in class. It’s useful in settings where practice and repetition is important. Reviewing and revising is important to help a student study,” explained Ms. Tarbet, a teacher at Davis high school.  

Giving students work to study does help them. They can relearn and memorize it on their own time and can even ask for help from their parents. Some students have said that homework should not be for every class though.  

“Mathematics should be a class that has homework because it’s not an art that you can just learn, it needs to be practiced. But most homework should be done in class and not taken home unless it’s necessary,” stated Oliver Snow a current student in high school. 

 Classes that give out busy work rather than homework have given students more stress rather than helping them. Very few students, and, even parents agree with the amount of home work they are given.  

“Seeing my child now in her senior year, it seems homework does not help students. Without homework I have seen a huge decrease in stress and huge improvement in her ability to pay attention in class. She gets all of her work done in school and she has a better opportunity to study for tests,” says Janiene Powell a worried parent.  

Parents can’t always help their children, especially when the material is much different from when they were taught. Students fall behind because they are given homework they are struggling to do even if they learned it in class.  

Many students struggle to learn on their own and prefer to ask the teacher questions while in class. Each student learns different but learning at home can still be a struggle for many.  

“Students learn better with hands on activities and writing. They learn much better in school with the help of a teacher. If students interact with the material they were given, it’s easier for them to memorize and study the material,” commented Mr. Spaulding another teacher at Davis High.  

It would seem giving students hands on activities in a comfortable environment, they learn so much better and it might last them a life time. Students learn better with other people in the same position as them.  

“Study groups are a good environment for students to learn with other people. Students can retain information better if they are with people they trust and it’s better than just hearing it or doing work by themselves,” said Harrison Park a current student.  

Giving students a chance to learn together in class or out of class can really improve their ability to focus and understand. Homework has become a struggle rather than a help for many students. Although it may not be true for all students, it can still destress them and help them think from a different perspective.