Davis marching band, an enduring favorite


The Davis High school marching band has been incredible for many years. Even with the fairly new director Michael Crookston, they have a lot of potential. Marching band is something that is overlooked by everyone. 3 Davis high seniors who have been apart of marching band for 3-4 years were asked some questions. “Being a senior at Davis high school, what has been your favorite memory of marching band? Most people don’t know the work that is put into marching band, most people think you just walk around the field. What actually goes into doing marching band? For incoming sophomores that want to join marching band, what do you have to say to them?

Hannah Davis answers the questions. “Oh my goodness there’s so many awesome memories of marching band. I think my favorite one is just when everyone just comes together and we all make music together and make something bigger than ourselves. Hannah had a lot to say about what work goes into marching band. “There’s so much that go into marching and marching band. Not only do you have to keep time, you have to make sure you’re on time with your music and your playing and your breathing is good. Then making sure that your feet are in time, and that you’re in the right spot on the field. You have to deal with outdoor weather and instruments that are sensitive to heat or cold, it’s just a lot.”  Her advice to the sophomores is, ” I’d say join. It’s such a fun place where you can find so many people, you can find good friends. It’s a good environment, so many people are so inclusive and it’s great for high school.”

Josh Cottle answers these questions short but meaningful. “Band camp senior year, it was a baller time.” His response to what marchers have to do is interesting he says, “We practice multiple hours every single day after school. Like 3 hours just sitting in the baking sun. He leaves with the advice to sophomores. He says, “Do it. It’s the best time of  your life. You will meet so many new friends and they’ll be people you spend the rest of your high school experience with.”

Last Melia Morrison. She has been the Flute/ Piccolo section leader 2 years in a row. She’s passionate about her music and has a lot to say about marching band. “I really like being the section leader for the flute and piccolo section.” She has a lot to say about the work that is put into marching band. “No, I disagree. It’s a sport for sure. If golf is a sport, marching band is a sport. I don’t know how golf is a sport? Her main thing that she recommends for sophomores is probably one of the key elements to being good at marching band. Not only are you marching you have to memorize 8- 10 minutes of show music. While learning/ memorizing visuals, memorizing dots on the field. (Placements on the field) It’s intense. She says, “Actually practice your music, it will help you.”