Why the school should unblock anime websites

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April 11, 2022

  School can sometimes be hard and boring. The school’s environment is very hostile to fun. Teachers always tell me to put my phone away in class. 

 Poor students cannot even watch anime on their school laptop because all the anime websites are blocked. While it is true that some of those websites are not good, not all of them should be blocked. 

 Crunchyroll and Funimation should be unblocked, both websites are safe reputable websites that will not cause harm. Watching anime can be a coping mechanism to deal with stress. 

 Today’s society is fast paced, and people have many responsibilities. For example, a high school student at Davis High School must manage, of course, the schoolwork and a job as well as friends and relationships. 

A student from Davis High School was asked “Do you think anime should be unblocked from school?” He responded with “Sure.” As you can see it is unpopular for anime websites to be blocked. 

 The student quoted had great belief that school should not block anime. 

 We live in a society that is far from the simple days of living in the woods, hunting the game, and being done for the day. Far too many stresses with money determine your freedom. 

  Stress also has many negative health consequences. Stress can increase blood pressure, chest pain, weakened immune system and many more problems. 

Another student was asked “What do you like to do in your free time?” They responded with “I watch anime.” Anime is an activity that people do in their free time to relieve stress. 

 We can improve the health of the student body by unblocking anime websites from the school. The overall atmosphere of the school would improve as people would be less stressed. 

 Unblocking anime would result in more cultural diversity in the school. Davis High school is a place that is accepting of ideas and beliefs. 

As a student at Davis High school, it is my duty to promote diversity by advocating for anime websites to be unblocked from the school internet. The Davis school district has been on the front lines fighting against racism 

 By unblocking anime, it will help alleviate the problem. We would be more accepting of Japanese culture by doing so. 

 What do people do when they are stressed? They have coping mechanisms. Without anime being allowed at schools, some people may turn to more dangerous methods of coping. 

Another student from Davis High said “Anime should be unblocked, it would make school a better place” who currently attends Davis High School. 

 Some people might do drugs, gambling, overeating, and drinking alcohol. One of these problems can lead to other problems and cause a chain reaction of dreadful things occurring. 

 A much better way of dealing with stress would be watching anime in school. This cannot happen out the school, allowing anime websites in school.