Rob Dyrdek’s rise to extreme financial wealth

Rob Dyrdeks rise to extreme financial wealth

Rob Dyrdek was a professional skater who later became an MTV superstar. His show Ridiculousness covers 60% of the billion-dollar network. Ridiculousness often is the only show MTV airs for days without breaks. 

Rob didn’t just get multiple shows aired on MTV by luck. The talented skateboarder transitioned into the television scene through multiple business deals and sponsorships. He has proven himself to be an extremely talented businessman. 

At the end of the 11th grade, rob took a leap of faith and dropped out of high school, missing out on his senior year. He moved to California then being the skating mecca of the United States. 

His first sponsorship deal was with a new and local brand called alien workshop. He wore the brand while skating in California to represent the company. At the time his focus was on becoming a professional skateboarder. He showcased his skills at a plethora of competitions to try and get his name on the map. 

One of his earliest and most successful sponsorship deals was with the skate brand DC. At the time the company was called Droors clothing. Rob designed shoes for them to try and provide a comfortable shoe for skaters to wear. Back then most skate shoes were flat footed and uncomfortable.  

His first shoe that was released for DC was called the Dyrdek 1. After the success of his first shoe, he designed many others for DC and made a lot of money. He was only 21 years old with a yearly salary of around three hundred thousand dollars. 

Considering he had plenty of money at the time, he decided to expand from his focus on skating and create a bunch of different types of business. Some being more successful than others.  

After a resurgence in his skating career, he decided to change his image. He realized that to gain more attention to himself he had to dress and act more like a rapper rather than a skater.  

DC was looking to release their first skate film and they invited Rob to be in it. He knew he wasn’t going to be the most talented skater showcased, so he drew awareness in other ways. He made skits involving his newly hired security guard Christopher “Big Black” Boykin protecting him from other security guards.  

Him and Big Black hit it off after that and decided to film a bunch of skits together. They became best friends. They got a show on MTV together called Rob & Big that showcased the unlikely friendship. The show was hilarious and successful.  

Rob continued his success on MTV through his next show fantasy factory, along with his most prolific creation Ridiculousness. Speculation has risen that through his extensive business ventures and profit from his tv series that Rob Dyrdek might be the first skateboarding billionaire.