SBOs, the glue of Davis High


    The Student Body Officers are so under appreciated it’s crazy. They are the reason we have so many good dances, activities and more. Planning and executing is not as easy as they make it look. But through all the hardships they say its their favorite thing to do.

    “Planning dances is always so satisfying at the end when all your work has paid off.” Carlie Lambert, SCO President exclaimed

    Some of the things SBOS do, is dances, they plan every dance. The dances are some of the biggest events in high school, so they have to be fun and exciting and a great way to end the night. It is all possible by this great group of people. Not only do they have to plan the dance, but they also have to plan activities through the week to get people pumped for the dance. Whether it be games during lunch, or an assembly, they have a lot of work to do during that week.

    “We attend all the games and activities and its been a super great way to make friends and stay active.” Laney Hart, SBO Vice President said.

    They also go to every school sport. They love to go and support the team. You will also find that all the SBOS are fun to be around and have great personalities. Another reason SBO is so good for them is because it does look good on college apps, so if you are looking to do SBO in the future, that is something you might want to look into.

    “I realize that SBO isn’t just for me, I do it for the school and to make Davis High a better place, Even thought I have made a lot of new friends and make fun memories at the end of the day this is for Davis.” Noah Coombs ,Senior SBO.

    We need to take into consideration all the things our SBOs do for us. They are truly a force we need to keep pushing.