Early prom asking starts a frenzy

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Within hours after the Sweethearts Dance, students at Davis High School began asking to prom. There are rumors of someone asking to prom within twenty-four hours after Sweethearts. Last week, the prom asking frenzy began on a Luke-warm Monday afternoon.

Rumors of who’s asked and been asked are whizzing around the school, social media, and group texts like arrows. Friend groups are filled with drama. An SBO at Davis even asked a Senior Class Officer at the assembly last Thursday.

With rumors circulating, it is difficult to determine what is truly happening in the mires of the social world around these dances. To assist with that, five different questions were asked to a few students to gauge the social situation.

How many people do you know that have asked/been asked to prom?

                “About 50,” Toby Butcher says.

About how many rumors about asking have you heard?

                “None, except for the one at the assembly,” Caleb Miller replies.

How does early asking affect you in particular?

                “It’s not a big deal,” Caden Harris said.

What are your thoughts on asking early?

                “I don’t have any,” Jarred Warren says.

Describe your perspective on the prom asking frenzy.

                “[It’s] to be expected,” Lachlan Abner said. “It’s been a couple years since a formal dance and [people] are just excited.”

These responses now create a newer picture of the prom asking frenzy. Though these responses do not paint a picture of the whole situation, but it gives insight into other possibilities. Could the problem be just in one specific class?

Lachlan’s reply to the question does give an interesting insight into what is happening. The Seniors, who have a waited a year or so due to COVID-19, could be excited, but the rumors don’t appear to come from the Seniors.

Also based on Lachlan’s response, the Sophomores could be excited for their very first prom. However, the responses to the other questions infer that most students at Davis High School have a level-headed and moderate perspective on when to ask.

In conclusion, prom-asking is happening now, whether fueled by rumors, or the excitement and anticipation for the dance that seems to be in the air. Despite everything that is happening, good and bad, prom signals that life is moving forward.