Severance, A thought provoking psychological thriller 

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Spoilers only for the first episode, no other episodes will be talked about. 

Severance is a new TV show exclusive to Apple TV+, Staring Adam Scott. Severance is a new Tv show that (at the writing of this) has six episodes out and has three episodes remaining until the 9-episode season ends. 

Adam Scott plays Mark S. A normal guy who works for a company called Lumon.  Mark works in a special department and floor that requires a procedure called “severance” which disconnects workplace memories and personal memories. 

Your personal self walks into an elevator, and then comes back out at the end of the workday with it seeming like seconds, just like the workday is done. 

The company Lumon does this because they find the work is important and secretive enough that no one can know what’s happening. 

So now there are basically two people, a personal self and a work self. An “Innie” and an “outie” as they are called in the show. 

Mark has worked at Lumon for quite a while and has never had any problems on the inside or the outside with the company. 

This is until the department head of the department Mark works for (micro data refinement) is gone, and when Mark comes to work and Petey (the department head) is gone and told by his boss that Petey is no longer with the company. 

This moment is when Mark (on the inside) starts to wonder what happened to Petey. 

Towards the end of the first episode Mark visits his sister and her husband’s house for dinner (without dinner) and they discuss many things, including marks severance job. 

Towards the end of the night there is a weird man dressed in business attire in the lawn of the house staring back at mark. 

The next day mark visits a bar and this same man Mark saw the night before in his sister’s front yard appears and sits down at Mark’s table. This man explains he’s from work and his name is Petey. 

Petey explains that he somehow de-severed and escaped. Then he continues to explain that Lumon is not what it seems and that there’s so much more to be found and discovered. 

Of course, Mark doesn’t buy a single word of it. Then Petey gives him a card with an address and a note on the card. 

Severance is dramatic, eerie, and thrilling. The first episode draws you in with simple jokes, easy and calming cinematography, and cool and relaxed characters. But then towards the end of the episode, flips it on its head. 

In following episodes, when were inside Lumon with Mark and a new hire, Helly, were constantly put on edge, anxious to see what’s going on inside this weird business. 

And nobody will truly know what is going on until April 8th, which is the season final for the first season. 

“I cant wait to see the rest of the show, I’ve only seen the first three episodes and Im loving it so much”, said Taya Wescott

“It’s weird”, said Heather Robinson

“it’s weird, but very well written”, said Brody Dezember

This show is not for the faint of heart or sensitive viewers, the show depicts gore, self-harm, death, flashing lights, and very vulgar language.