Why is everyone freaking out about 2022’s “The Batman”? (Spoiler free)

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The Batman came to theaters on Friday, March 3rd, and everyone is talking about it, but why?

The thing a lot of people do before they see new movies is to check the Rotten Tomatoes score, well the movie has a 85% on the Tomatometer and an 88% on the audience score.

The biggest change is a new director, Matt Reeves.  Reeves made this worlds Gotham different than we’ve ever seen in the past.  it’s Dark, cold, and always raining.  This isn’t a normal rain either, this is a constant downpour.

The world building is phenomenal in this adaptation too, the city of Gotham seems to be a mix of New York city and Chicago, where it’s big and sprawling with different areas of the city, and just like the two cities, its disgusting and riddled with crime.

The biggest thing people can not get over with this movie has to be the casting of the masked vigilante himself, played by Robert Pattinson.  People cannot separate him from his past casting from Harry Potter and Twilight.  With Pattinson being a fan of batman himself and Reeves direction created a new batman more focused on detective work and speed versus pure brute strength.

In this movie it is Batman first over Bruce Wayne, Bruce only does show up for a few scenes during the movie.  So for everyone that hates Pattinson’s face, you wont have to see it very much during the movie since it’s hidden behind the cowl.

“The movie was so good, I’ve seen it twice.  I hate Robert Pattinson but I think he did a good job since his face was hidden the whole movie, I’m just glad there’s another movie with my favorite comic book character.” said Derek Miller.

The second biggest gripe most people have is the run time of this movie, which is nearly three hours long.  The movie is long but it is entertaining, in a similar sense of Avengers endgame, Avatar, or The Lord of the Rings.  Where the movie is long but you’ll be completely entertained the entire time.

“It was long but I was never bored” said Taya Wescott

The cinematography in this film is top notch and goes hand in hand with the set design, Greig Fraser was the cinematographer for this movie and most people can agree he did such a great job from the fight scenes to even just the simple scenes of two characters talking.

The the villains in this movie are also simple but top notch.  The secondary bad guys are all crazy crime bosses (which wont be listed besides the penguin because the rest are not in the trailers).  Colin Farrell who played Oswald Cobblepot, also known as The Penguin did great and was a small but amazing roll, and is rumored to have his own spin off TV show soon.

The other crime bosses seem to own the city of Gotham and this version of Gotham is definitely corrupt, and this was one of the things Reeves wanted, a Corrupt Gotham.

Then we have our main villain of the movie, The Riddler, played Paul Dano.  Dano played the Riddler in a new fresh version that works super well for our current times.

The Riddler is very reminiscent of the Zodiac killer, even with leaving clues for the Batman and the cops.  The character is also takes a lot of inspiration from noire styled horror movies.  And the opening scene of the movie shows you how brutal and scary he can be, but he gets so much further later in the movie

The Riddlers’ connection to Batman and the Waynes is more than meets the eye and goes further in depth in the movie.  There may be a Riddler prequel show or movie in the coming years that’s been in talks.  The backstory is not fully fleshed out but there is a Novel out currently (Titled “Before The Batman: AN Original Movie Novel”) which has a bit of Backstory of both Dano’s and Pattinsons’ characters.

“God, The Riddler was TERRIFYING”, said a girl at a showing of The Batman.

Most people who have seen this put this as their second or third favorite Batman movie, usually after 2008’s “The Dark Knight”, which most people say was so great from Heath Ledger’s Portrayal of The Joker.

So, does this movie deserve all of the hype?  Most people say yes, but that’s for you to find out.