Sprinting to the end of the year

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Sprinting to the end of the year

It is the fourth and final term, and for the students at Davis High, it’s the final sprint before the school year ends. For some, it’s the final dash to improve their grades and get a 4.0 grade point average. 

For others, once grades and homework are taken care of, the time for scheming for fun and amazing summer plans has begun. Already, summer vacations and Senior trips have been planned, or are in the process of being schemed upon.  

For a third of the students at Davis, it means graduation, and moving on to their next step in life. However, it also means saying heart-felt good-byes to faithful and dear friends, some of whom may never be seen again. 

For others, the relief of not having homework and grades to worry about is drawing near. Whatever the perception on what fourth term means, the spring fever and also the sense of the end that comes with it is contagious. 

“[I] feel good [about it],” Pierce Dobson said about how fast the time has flown already. In two weeks from 4th term’s start, there’ll be Spring Break. After that, the term goes on until before the last week of May. 

“{I’m looking forward to] lifting class to prepare for football,” Tanner Seely replied when asked about what event during 4th term he was looking forward to the most. There are events to look forward to, namely prom, yearbook signing, etc. 

“[I’m looking forward to] marching band,” Parker Combe said about what thing after the school year he was excited about. There are summer events after the school year to be excited about such as summer team training and various camps. 

“[I’m not looking forward to the end of the year,” Joseph Petersen replied about what about 4th term he wasn’t excited about. The end of the year has AP tests, Term Finals, and other end-of-year tests are not exciting things. 

“Failing a class [as a senior],” Quinn Sorenson said when asked about the worst-case scenario ending of 4th term. While make-up for classes are during the summer, it is a worst nightmare among seniors to fail at the very end. 

Among most students, 4th term is still and will always be the last shot at getting grades up and a time to enjoy as the school year ends, both slowly and quickly, like a car coasting down a steep hill.