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During lunchtime students at Davis high usually have a preferred restaurant to go to. Among these are Subway, Jimmy Johns, McDonalds, and many others but one that gets little attention is taco time. 

While students may choose to go to the restaurant at lunchtime it is in far fewer numbers than the others mentioned above. So, the question remains, is taco time a good place to go during our short 40-minute lunch break? 

One student seems to think so, Redding Blood student at Davis high and taco time enthusiast has much praise for the restaurant. 

“Taco Time is wonderful; I would rate it 5/5,” said Blood after being asked what he thinks of Taco Time. 

The menu offers a plethora of options to the attendee with burritos, chips, salad, and even desserts available for order. 

“My favorite menu item is the soft beef burrito, it’s the only thing I ever get,” said Blood after being asked about his favorite menu item. 

One concern of Davis students when picking a restaurant, if they are conformists, is if they will be able to get back to class on time. Taco Time is located down the main street just before wall greens and far behind Bowmans, so it is probable to get back to the school on time. 

“it’s good and it’s close by, what else could you need?” said blood when asked about getting to class on time. 

Others might be concerned about employees giving them a bad experience or getting their order wrong and sometimes they are right. 

“The worst experience I had was when they gave me a soft bean burrito instead of my regular beef burritos.” proclaimed Blood immediately after being asked about his worst experience. 

Other than these occasional mess-ups Taco Time seems to be a good place to go to lunch or as Blood says “it’s epic, based, and red-pilled”.