Officer Criddle: Our amazing school police officer

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Every school ever will have one of its own police officers from a nearby police station that comes to the school daily for many safety reasons and to help students.


Davis High School’s most recent officer is Officer Criddle, he has been a police officer serving for Kaysville City, UT for over 13 years and does everything he can do for us!


Such as helping students out with personal problems, fighting bad guys, and protecting Davis High School. He is very respected and loved here at our amazing Davis High.


He decided to become a police officer when he was in the national guard, but while he was away, Officer Criddle’s mother get very sick, he is a very big people person and family man and will do anything for his family.


He came home from the National Guard after hearing about his mother and he didn’t want to leave his family to get deployed far away, yet he still wanted to help others.


So that gave him a reason to become a police officer for Kaysville City, he was close to his family but still got to help others with problems.


It’s very rewarding to really help someone and make a big impact on someone else’s life.” – Officer Criddle


Officer Criddle just wants to make good impacts on other people’s lives. He became a school police officer because he loves kids.


He loves to make a difference in places that need it. Officer Criddle grew up without having much of a father figure, and he understands that other kids have those same issues.


He knows that he’s not the only person with real feelings and who can be hurting inside, so kids with those same problems come to him to understand each other.

The uniform I wear is just a work uniform, it doesn’t describe who I am and my feelings.” – Officer Criddle


One thing to lighten the mood here, Officer Criddle finds it funny when some officers must go to the bathroom, you’ll see them walk in the back door of the station and walk towards the bathroom while taking off all their gear because they can’t go when all of it is on.




Thank you for your service, Officer Criddle.