Davis students favorite Disney characters and movies

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Almost everyone was raised watching Disney movies when they were young, some even watch them to this day, so that begs the question: what are Davis students favorite Disney characters and movies? 

Davis students have many different ideas of what the best Disney movie is but some of the most common answers were Hercules, Moana, Cars 2, and the original Lion King. 

When asked why these movies are their favorite an anonymous student said: “Hercules slaps, the music and animation in it are top Noch. Cars 2 is just underrated” 

While these are some of Davis’s favorite Disney movies the characters are a completely different story. Many students named heroes and villains interchangeably, so we split them into two categories. 

Some of the heroes named were Aladdin, Moana, and Hercules 

One student casually saying after being asked about who their favorite hero was “My favorite hero is definitely Hercules; he is definitely the best out of all the other ones and is pretty based” 

However, among Davis high students the villains were the most named of all the characters within the Disney universe.  

Some of the favorite villains are Scar, Dr. Fascille, Cruella, Captain Hook, and Hades. 

When asked why he picked Scar as one of his favorite villains an anonymous student said, “I don’t know Scar is pretty cool and one of the evilest villains in Disney history, one of the darker villains too.” 

Overall, it seems like the Lion King and Hercules stand out as the overall favorites among the students. With Cars 2, Moana, and a few others being rated well across the board.  

So, if you haven’t seen any of these movies since childhood or you haven’t seen them at all consider dusting off the case and putting them into your dvd player (or Disney plus service) to watch one of the classics of American film.