Update on the boy’s baseball season


Clearfield hosted Davis High in regional baseball play at Clearfield High School, in Clearfield, on Friday, April 20, 2018.

Jensen Jacobs is most excited for winning this season.  Winning is such a good feeling.

What he loves about baseball is the memories that come with it with all of his friends and wins.

The hardest thing for Jensen in baseball is “hitting a left handed curve ball.”

Jensen takes everyone as an opponent and that they are all equally as hard.  You never look over them.

Jensen said that baseball is very boring to watch


Carter Compton is most excited to play along side with his friends again for one last year.  He is sad that this is his last year.

What Carter loves about baseball is that it all rides on your hands and there is no shot lock or game clock to get you out of something.  You have to get it yourself out of it.

The hardest thing for Carter in his word are “The hardest thing is being mentally strong.  It’s easy to get frustrated but you have to show no emotion because it brings your team down and won’t help you at all.”

The hardest team to get against to Carter is Freemont.  They are always good and their work ethic up there is very good.

Carter says “baseball may seem boring, but it is actually very entertaining if you know what is going on.”