Should Davis have more breaks?

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With Spring break fast approaching many Davis High School students feel relieved at the prospect of a weeklong break, others see it as too little. 

The first semester is laden with many breaks, veterans’ day, fall break, Christmas break among many other days off. However, the second semester, which marks the end of the school year is viewed by some as an infinitely lengthy period with little breaks. 

After Christmas break students are expected to stay in school for the rest of the year with few exceptions for Presidents’ Day, Memorial Day, and the final large break in spring.  

This leads to many students feeling tired of school and waiting anxiously for the freedom of summer to arrive. 

One student who chose to remain anonymous said “I think the length of the spring break is fine, but I wish they would add more breaks to school, like a 3-day break in May or something.” after being asked about if they thought Spring break was enough. 

Indeed, the end of the school year is a stressful time for many students who must go from April to the end of May with little more than a day off school. 

Combine that with those students who work jobs that will give them more hours during the break time due to the increased demand during these break periods. 

To Demonstrate this an anonymous student at Davis told us that “pretty much during my Spring break I will be working at my job not much else is planned” after being asked what they were doing over spring break. 

This leads us to question why we have breaks in the first place and what the utility of them is.  

For many students’ breaks are a good way to relieve stress from learning 5 days a week for so long, it is an effective way to rejuvenate students for the next month until another break ensues. 

Perhaps that is why the end of the school year feels so long to many students because we are absent from breaks for around a 2-month period.  

Taking breaks is the same reason the military has leave, businesses give vacation days, and why there is a weekend or day off in the first place. 

Breaks are an effective way to keep students present in the classroom and to give them energy after prolonged involvement in the school and education. 

Or as one anonymous student put it, “I like breaks because it gives me a break from the garbage education system.” he said after being asked about why he liked breaks