Why is Utah’s weather so bipolar?

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Why is Utahs weather so bipolar?

So it’s spring again here in Utah, and just like every year, we’re experiencing nice heat, rain, cold, and then snow.

But it’s spring, and just last week it was 60 degrees, why is it snowing?

Well it has to deal with the elevation of Utah, and which ways the wind blows.  And since we’re in the valley, everything gets taken a little bit more and becomes more concentrated.

The second biggest factor is the wind.  where its coming from and what it’s coming with.

If were getting the dry hot winds from California, Then Utah will receive the nice warm sunny skies that we’ve come to expect in spring.

Then late March early April will come around and we’ll get the cold moisture driven winds from the north, and that right there is how we get rain, and if the wind is a little extra cold, Utah will end up getting some snow.

In relation to Utah’s bi polar weather, this type of year is when peoples seasonal depression flares up the most.

Just when people thought the weather was getting nicer and so was their mental health, Utah throws a pipe in the wheel of their bicycle of a brain.

Sadly spring is also the time where suicide rate is some of the highest of the years.

“I hate it so much, if it snows one more time this spring I’m just done and ill just quit everything and just leave Utah and never come back” said Hallie Kinsley

“it doesn’t bother me too much, I just hate that for those two weeks of snow that everyone forgets how to drive and there are so many crashes and man I hate that part about it” sad Nick Arancibia

“I like the week or so of snow because I love the snow but I hate driving in it so ill just stay home and stare out the windows for hours” Said Grace Mayer

So, blame the winds, not Utah in itself, its all the winds fault