How long until Christmas takes over Thanksgiving 

    Tate Archibald

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    Every year, it seems like people start setting up for Christmas earlier and earlier. But how early is acceptable? The first time I saw Christmas decorations was November 6th. Which seems quite early since its not even halfway through November. While this is a controversial topic, some people feel very strongly about Thanksgiving and when you should set up Christmas decorations.

    I don’t travel much but it seems that Kaysville really suffers from this. Everybody feels that they need to set up the Christmas decorations the day after Halloween. This means you will have Christmas lights all through November and all through Thanksgiving up until Christmas. That’s a month and a half of just Christmas.

    There is a small but loyal following of people who would rather set up decorations later rather than earlier. Nick Decow, a sophomore, thinks that the week before Thanksgiving is perfect. “I’d say you can start decoration a few days or a week before Thanksgiving.” That seems like a pretty ideal time for Christmas lights and a tree lit up in your living room. But is this still too early?

    With these people there is also the opposite, the black and white, the light and the dark, the people who set up lights earlier rather than later. “October 31st is when you should put up decorations because the more Christmas the better.” Sophomore Rhett Parker says. This seems like overkill on the lights, maybe just a bit?

    To set up Christmas decorations, it seems like you need the perfect in-between of when to start setting up. On one side, you have people who set up lights way before thanksgiving at the start of November. On the other side, you have people who barely finish putting up the lights by the time December starts. It seems, we need an expert opinion. “Two words. After Thanksgiving.” says Soulie Phongsavath.

    Well, it seems that most people have different opinions on this topic. I guess we have to take from the only correct opinion, myself of course, and come out and say it. The best and most ideal time to set up Christmas decorations, is the day after Thanksgiving. Why? Because it gives you just enough time to enjoy the decorations while they are up but it also keeps it from getting obnoxiously long.

    In all seriousness nobody really cares when other people put up lights it’s mostly as a joke, (or not!) But I seriously think people should be able to put up decoration whenever and whatever they want and nobody should be able to say any different. As long as it’s not too early!