Davis alumni’s experience during COVID-19

Tate Archibald

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What’s it like being a senior during the pandemic? Well, Davis alumni and debate student Porter Archibald experienced this pandemic firsthand.

Porter Archibald, an experienced rock climber, debate student and great big brother, was a senior right in the heat of Covid-19. This took away many of the events and activities that seniors enjoy about Davis High School.

“I was disappointed when we got the call about how classes would be cancelled.” Archibald says. At first, the plan was that classes would be online for a week, then a month, until it was the end of the school year. There wasn’t much to do during this time. Wake up, eat breakfast, lay around for a bit, do some homework, then lay around more.

There were tons of senior activities he missed out on, as well as hundreds of other students just like him. Some of those include prom, the state debate tournament, the nationals debate tournament in New Mexico, his senior trip to Washington DC, and his fun classes. “I missed prom, nationals’ debate, state debate, and I miss my fun classes” Archibald says.

He was most disappointed about nationals’ debate, held in New Mexico. The debate team had been practicing hard and finally had made it to nationals debate. But, the tournament was held online and it made it so much harder. He also missed his Washington DC trip for his senior trip. He ended up going to Yosemite National Park in 2021, but never made it to Washington DC.

Archibald, who is studying economics at Weber State University, has some promising advice for Davis High students. “Don’t miss out on opportunities to make memories. Also take journalism and lifetime activities, the two most fun classes at Davis High.

Long story short, many seniors including Porter experienced the pandemic at the worst time possible and missed out on so many fun things for senior year. But in the end, it ended up alright and he still was able to survive during quarantine.