In the Spotlight Jan Hollist

In the Spotlight Jan Hollist

Jan Hollist is currently teaching her 10th year at Davis Highschool and previously has
ten other years of experience teaching in Ogden School District.

Hollist is one of the incredible, hardworking, dedicated teachers at Davis High. She
teaches in the math department which is one of the most successful at Davis High.

When asked about what her favorite part about teaching at Davis has been, Hollist
responded, “I love that I get to help my students through the last of their teenage years, and I get
to have a slight influence over what type of adults they will grow into.”

Teachers have a great influence on students, more than a lot of people realize. A teacher
or a coach can change your opinion completely whether that is in a positive way or a negative.

When asked about her love for becoming a teacher, Hollist said, “I’ve been interested in
teaching since I was very young…I think I really gained a desire for teaching when I began
tutoring others in middle school. I loved the thrill of helping someone “get it.” It’s something I
still enjoy today.”

It’s amazing how she followed through with the desire to become a teacher after the love
she gained for it at such a young age. The world really needs more people like her.

Lastly she quoted, “I love working with students who struggle with math. Math does
NOT come easy for many, many people. I like helping struggling learners see that if they really
put some time and effort into working on something that doesn’t’ come easy, they can still get

great rewards! The struggle is real, and on the other end of it is a great accomplishment. It’s

worth working through the hard stuff.”

Hollist is one of many teachers at Davis High that pushes her students for success. She
wants everyone to succeed or improve no matter how much that truly is. Jan Hollist is an
amazing teacher at Davis High and the district is lucky to have her.