Parking lot etiquette


Kori Bartleson, Photo Editor

“When students park illegally or without a parking pass, the result is a yellow parking ticket.”

The parking lot can be a chaotic place of automobiles and pedestrians, and it can be a difficult task to maneuver through one. However, common sense can be the best friend of high school driver.

Senior Matt Bishop said, “Park in the middle of the parking spot.” Emphasis on proper parking is important, but occasionally repetitive. “Just don’t be stupid while driving,” said Sarah Bushell, senior. “If someone needs in, just let them in, it’s not going to kill you.”

Other concepts were clearly taught in any driver’s ed. class. Bushell, who was a witness of an accident in the parking lot advises students to “use your mirrors,” and Bishop gives the reminder to pay attention to the parking lot surroundings and even if there is a small intersection in the parking lot “you still need to yield.”

A staggering one of every five motor vehicle accidents take place in a parking lot, according to This is a clear example of why it’s crucial to be attentive in a parking lot. They can be dangerous depending on the skill of the drivers within.

As for these two seniors, they both unhesitantly agree that the South End is the more dangerous of the two areas. “People are idiots at South End,” said Bushell. “People just need to not be possessive of their parking lots and be courteous to other drivers.”