Parking pass promotion


Davis High has a new QR scanning promotion this year. On the back of each parking pass there is the school’s QR code. By using smartphones, students are able to access information about weekly prizes, deals, and announcements.

Business and Marketing teacher, Mr. McCauley has been planning different things for the scan code. He has spoken with different companies that are now going to be doing things with the scanning promotion as well.

“We try to do something different every week,” McCauley said. “Our goal is to have something discounted or free for students… I don’t want to mislead you and say it’s always going to be something free because you start to run out of people who want to give away free stuff.”

McCauley’s Purple Cow classes are being given the chance to participate, as part of a profession development. These students have the opportunity to go out and find companies who want to be apart of the QR scanning.

McCauley said, “Basically you take out your smartphone and scan it. It’ll take you to a page that tells you what either the announcement is, the free thing, or what the discounted thing is, that week.”

The scan code is able to dial a phone number, send out text messages, direct the users to any website. “However we set it up, we can do that. We can just go on the computer to change where it goes everyday or whenever we decide to make a change,” McCauley said.

More uses for the scan codes are in the planning process that will be introduced later on. “There might be different kinds of contests. Some days it might be a nice, expensive item when you scan, that just enters you into a drawing. So only one person will win.”

Stay tuned to find out the latest offers from the QR scan.