Haunted Kay’s Cross turned Spook Alley


Heather Swanson

“The Haunted Kays Cross spook alley will be opening Friday September 13.”

After two months of planning and preparation, the spook alley, Haunted Kays Cross, is finally ready for its’ first victims.  Opening in September on, sinister, Friday the 13th, this unique spook alley promises to be like none other.

            “What makes this spook alley exciting is that it’s a real haunted site. At lot of people believe there are actual spirits there,” said Jared Peterson, owner of Peterson Entertainment- the company running the spook alley.

            Kays Cross is a twenty foot stone cross located in Kay’s Hollow in Kaysville, with an intriguing past. There are ranging theories as to why Kays Cross was built in 1946, but none of them have been proven.  It is, however, a fact that the cross was mysteriously destroyed in February 1992. The ruins, still residing in Kay’s Hollow today, have always attracted prying teenagers because of their strange history. The creation of the spook alley began because of these frequent trespassers .

           “The main reason for the spook alley is that for the past ten to twenty years there have been trespassers on the land. Instead of trying to stop them we decided to let them come on and make them pay to do so,” said Peterson.

            While Haunted Kays Cross spook alley was being built, neighboring communities tried to petition against it. They were anxious about the crowds that would gather to the attraction. The petition was unsuccessful.

            “[Haunted Kays Cross] was approved by the Davis County Commission last month and is scheduled to open on Friday, September 13th,” stated Barry Burton, the planning director for Davis County.

            Burton also foresaw problems involving parking and access to the spook alley. “Access to the site is via Boynton Road. which is a one-way road at this location, so you must approach from the west, not from Mutton Hollow Road.  There will be ample off-street parking at the site, so patrons are encouraged NOT to park in the surrounding neighborhoods,” he said.

            For those brave enough to venture in alone, Haunted Kays Cross admission is 21 dollars. But if you’d feel more confident with friends, for groups of thirteen or more the rate changes to seventeen dollars. To avoid lines and begin the terror sooner, buy tickets now at hauntedkayscross.com. Hours for the spook alley are:

  •  September: Weekends ONLY

  •  October: Thursday – Saturday ONLY

  •  Week of Halloween: October 28 – November 2

  •  Tuesday – Thursday: 7:00 – 10:00PM

  •  Friday & Saturday: 7:30PM – 12:00AM

  •  Halloween Week 7:30PM-12:00AM