Fall movie preview



Summer is over, and along with it’s end, the end of summer blockbusters. Don’t fret though, fall is a time for films to flourish. Those that debut in the fall are often striving to top the Oscars list while the box office is of slightly less importance. All the big shot movie makers want people to freshly remember their film come Oscars season. This translates to the focus being pulled more towards humanistic, intelligent films rather than action-packed, digitally pleasing, summer blockbusters.


Films such as Captain Phillips, Wolf on Wall Street, and Don Jon are chosen to debut.


However, anticipated sequels such as Catching Fire, The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, and Thor 2 will be premiering in theaters this fall and will be bringing in big box office bucks.


This is the beautiful part about this time of year, whether you are a film buff who loves to see new, intriguing, independent films, or a Hunger Games fanatic excited to experience the next chapter in the trilogy, there is a movie for everyone to see this season.