Unusual class pet python

The classroom python slithers around as it is brought out for students to see and hold. Although an uncommon classroom pet, Trade and Technology teacher Mr. Sorensen’s Ball Python has been a great addition to the woodshop’s atmosphere. “[My student’s] love it,” said Sorensen. “They think it’s really cool. They love to watch her eat.”

Quinn Card, one of Sorensen’s former students, gave the python to Sorensen in 1997, when the snake was just a baby. “We worked here [at Davis High School] for the summer for the school district and Quinn was one of my employees,” said Sorensen. “He also worked at [a pet store] and he wanted a snake. His mom wouldn’t let him have one, so he brought her here.”

While having a python in the classroom may scare some students, Sophomore Megan Steele has no fear of the snake at all. “It’s awesome!” said Steele. “I’ve always kind of liked snakes. I don’t think they’re scary, I think they’re cool.” Steele not only enjoys having a python in her class, she also delights in holding it. “It’s like really soft when you hold it.

Sorensen has no plans to get rid of the snake. “She’ll stay with me until I retire, so probably around 10 more years,” said Sorensen. “They live to be 50 and she’s only 17.” Though an uncommon class pet, Sorensen’s python has been, and will continue to be, a wonderful addition to the woodshop classroom.