Fall fashion preview



Fashion, along with each season, seems to be a constantly changing aspect. This year with the spring and summer fashion, we’ve seen bright colors, collared shirts, and short shorts. In contrast, fall fashion is usually overrun with basic dark colors and prints, and this year the industry is embracing its wild, dangerous side. Eye-catching prints, leather, and shirts with intricate logos are dominating stores around the world. Here are some “Dos” and “Don’ts” for the coming season.



  • Leather, denim, basic prints, dark colors, printed sweaters, long print socks, flower patterns, colored leopard prints, black and white, solid and print leggings, and anything military-inspired.

  • High top converse, fit & flare dresses and skirts, combat boots, harem pants, crop tops, big coats, hats and beanies.

  • Rolled sleeves, rolled pant legs, and layering shirts and sweaters with skirts and leggings.

  • chunky necklaces, and anything gold jewelry.



  • Bright solids and neons.

  • Sandals, flip flops, tank tops, and shorts with leggings.

  • Layering lots of different colors and prints together.