Words of a generation

Friends, Blake Johnson and Steven Roberts.

Brady Webb

Friends, Blake Johnson and Steven Roberts.

Words like love and friendship can have very different meanings depending on who you talk to, especially between students and teachers at Davis High School. “I see what love means in the hallways to high school kids, and it’s scary,” Ms. Coburn said.  Steven Roberts, senior, agreed with Ms. Coburn saying, “I don’t think kids really understand what love is in High School. Wait until later on in life to worry about that sort of thing.” Blake Johnson, senior, said he believes quite the contrary. “I think that kids should live while they’re young, not like look for a husband or wife, but who cares if you want to find a girlfriend and do.. stuff with them? Like I said, live while you’re young”

According to Mr. Tally friendship is when “two people are friends, or pals, and like spending time together”. Roberts said something very similar “I believe friends are people who spend their time together and share experiences that bring them closer together”.

Even with the age gap between these students and teachers at Davis it seems there’s one thing they do share. Love and friendship are things that survive generations, and carry on whether you’re 16 or 60.