Committee members support the school and spread pride

Planning school dances, supporting sports teams, and participating in other various activities, the sophomore, junior, and senior committee members devote many hours to their responsibilities. Just this year, all three committees were involved with the homecoming week activities, participated in the Kaysville City 4th of July parade, and have helped spread school pride.

“This week is homecoming week and we’re doing the street painting, floats, parades, and we go to activities to support the sports games,” said Junior Committee member Alexandra Tanner. “It’s fun to be involved with the school and get to know other people and do different activities,” said Tanner.

While the sophomore, junior, and senior committee members spend a lot of time doing work for the school, they also have the opportunity to meet new people and to have fun. Tanner said, “I did Sophomore Committee last year and it was really fun to get involved so I wanted to do it again. The most fun thing [this year] was definitely the 4th of July parade water fight; it was a blast!”

Senior Committee member Abigail Laub also enjoys her time on committee. “[I love] the sense of unanimity and comradery [of Senior Committee],” said Laub, “In one word, I would [describe senior committee as] fabulous!”