How to get a guaranteed 4.0

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to earn the perfect gpa of a 4.0?

Guaranteed 4.0 by Donna O. Johnson and Y.C. Chen is a book dedicated to helping students learn how to learn. The ten following tips are from that book and proven to raise student’s grades.

  1. Show you are a serious student. If teachers think you are an “A” student they will treat you like one. Be early to class and sit in the front center of the room. Teachers commonly help students that they believe to be “A” students more than others.

  2. Don’t pack up your belongings before class is over. Teachers often cram in last minute thoughts they didn’t get to earlier. You don’t want to miss something that may be on a test later.

  3. Be friends with your teachers. This tip may sound a little weird to some, but who knows everything on how to get an “A” in that class? Your teacher! Go in and review missed homework or test questions. When you show interest, you will receive interest.

  4. Do what you are supposed to do when you are supposed to do it. Start your homework the day it is assigned, not necessarily finish it, but get started. That way you can pace yourself and observe the 20-minute rule.

  5. The 20-minute rule: If you are stuck longer than 15-20 minutes on one problem, then move on and go see your teacher about it.

  6. To help reduce confusion in the classroom, read ahead in the class textbook if possible.  When reading, making 3-5 word bullet points about what you learn has proven to be effective.

  7. Establish a consistent time and place to study.  Find a place conducive to work, this means a place that lends itself easily to the act of studying. One place to avoid is your bed, staying out of it will improve productivity.

  8. If you’re going to form a study group, do so with people with your same learning standard. People who study together will usually make the same grades. If you desire an “A”, study with “A” students!

  9. Beware of listening to music while hitting the books; it may be distracting you from the task at hand.

  10. Take time to relax, scheduled breaks each day are required for scholastic success.


Follow these easy steps and your grades are guaranteed  to improve. If you want more information and tips check out