Savannah Shelley receives scholarship from SUU

Savannah Shelley, a senior here at Davis High, has recently won scholarship money to Southern Utah University. “It’s somewhere between $500 and $1,000,” she said, “but I wasn’t really paying attention.”

Shelley entered her work on plays and other productions into a contest for SUU, submitting the work she’d done in lighting, sound, stage management, set design, and props. She simply submitted because she had the portfolio, not necessarily to win, which was why she wasn’t expecting to win. “I was shocked when they called my name,” said shelley.

The portfolio included a picture and written statement of the concept that she was trying to achieve, which was the rising and setting of the sun. This apparently stuck with the judges, and gave them reason to award her with the scholarship.

Shelley is greatful, if not somewhat aloof to the fact that she won, but will continue to go on and try to constantly improve herself.