Davis students bust a move at other schools dances

Some Davis High students are invited to other school dances. At these dances, it can be difficult to show Davis pride. Myrinda Olcott, a junior, has been to several other school’s dances, including Layton’s Halloween dance, and Viewmont’s prom. Myrinda said that she hasn’t intentionally tried to show school pride at those dances, but that it definitely can be done. She also mentioned that if you attend a dance with a large group of other Davis students, you can, “Make it look like you’re having more fun than the rest of the kids.”

Another student, Alexa Larson, a senior, said that pride can easily be shown, and that she shows it whenever she goes to another school’s dance. Alexa said that many students from Davis attend dances at Viewmont, and that they share the same cheer that Davis students yell at their own dances. “Just introducing yourself is a great way to show pride,” Alexa mentioned.

It’s a great way to make new friends, be outside your social group, and to show your Davis pride.