Girls tennis takes first state title in school history

People dream of one day being featured in the Guinness Book of World Records, recorded in a history textbook, or changing the world in some way. This year, the girls’ tennis team has made history as Davis High’s first state champions.

On Saturday, October 12, 2013, the girls’ tennis team brought home their first state champion trophy. “I love it how we made history as being the first for Davis High. This history is rich with tradition and with all that tradition it’s surprising that we don’t have a tennis championship yet,” said Girls’ Tennis Coach Andrew Wahlstrom.

Before the tournament, girls’ tennis player Annie Gardner was excited for the match. “[If we win], we get a trophy and we get to say that we’re the best team in the state,” said Gardner.

But making history and winning this trophy wasn’t easy, and the team had to work hard and prepare. “I run the practices, decide what [the team] is going to work on that day in practice… run drills and then in match play between points we talk about tactics..and what we can do to win the match,” said Wahlstrom. “I knew that [Lone Peak High School] was going to be the main competition. If we wanted to win state we had…to beat Lone Peak and that’s what we did by 2 points.”

After winning the tournament, Coach Wahlstrom is looking forward to the future of girls’ tennis. Wahlstrom said, “It’s kind of neat to be the first, to be the pioneer. Hopefully this is the beginning of a dynasty.”