Marching band takes the field in annual Davis Cup

This year’s Davis Cup, Davis High’s hosting opportunity for statewide marching bands, was filled with ideas of wonder and sentiment. Themed shows of oceanic adventure, rain forests, vampires, poetic origins, centennial homage, and fury covered the field of the 5A competition.

As the bands of utah came together, both in location and friendship, awards were given to the amazing performances done throughout the day, but the 5A performances were the ones that drew the biggest crowds. Sky View, the defending third place holders, gave a performance based upon the popular poem by Robert Frost The Road Less Traveled and received third place, yet again, with 935.25 points. Davis gave their all in a performance telling the story of Davis High’s first years along side of World War I and got another second place trophy with 936.33. American Fork, the defender of the glorious first place trophy, graced the field with their show entitled “Fury”. Their Dynamic music and costumes won them first place and all of the caption awards. Their accumulated 961.25 points from their performance.

Next years Davis Cup will be yet another amazing display of the state’s musical ability as high schools gather to compete for their rightful places at the top.