Substitutes share their life story instead of teach

Over UEA break last week over 200 substitutes filled in for teachers throughout the district. Many of the substitute teachers don’t know any details about the subject they are teaching for some reason they think it is a great idea to tell all of the students their life story.

Students either hate when this happens or, like Junior, Nixin Janke, they like it.

Janke once had a very old substitute teacher who said he was a mixed martial arts fighter.

“The only thing that sub did that had to do with the subject was he showed a video” Jenke said. Jenke said he would rather have a substitute teacher that tells his life story than one who actually teaches the subject because “you don’t have to do any work.”

       Hayden Taylor, junior, agrees with Janke. Taylor would rather have a sub tell their life story because “it wastes lots of time and you get to do nothing”

       Taylor likes some substitute teachers that tell their life story and doesn’t like others. “ It depends on how awesome they are,” Taylor said. The story from a sub that stood out most is that the sub had some sort of brain disability and could only use half of his body.

       “If the substitute teacher has a cool enough story it is pretty special,” said Taylor. If a teacher is going to leave their students to do something fun and get a break from work, then give the students a sub who doesn’t know anything so they can also get a break.