Backyard Broadcast involves students in national cause


To abolish sex trafficking, and to recruit new members from Davis High School for the national cause, the Backyard Broadcast is starting its second year.

“Its sexual exploitation, that’s what the whole thing is about,” said Ms. Barney, the advisor of the Backyard Broadcast. “It’s to bring awareness of what kind of sexual exploitation goes on around here and everywhere, and also to raise money and help prevent it.”

The Backyard Broadcast has a nationwide influence as they battle prostitution, pornography, stripping, and other forms of domestic minor sex trafficking in communities. These services are induced when traffickers use abuse to receive benefits from the sexual services through their forced workers.

The money they receive goes to different places, helping to raise awareness, create propaganda, and train cops to handle these types of situations. “A lot of times, the cops arrest the girls when they should be going to the criminals who are forcing these girls to do these things,” said Cougar Einfeldt, senior, and the president of the committee.

According to the Backyard Broadcast website, it is hard for adolescents to escape the trafficker’s mental, physical, and emotional abuse. Buyers are also hard to identify, as they will only interact with the person for a short time.

“A lot of people think trafficking isn’t going on, but it’s happening right here in Kaysville,” said Adam Hansen, senior and the committee’s vice-president. “It’s definitely an issue that needs to be addressed.”

“Because it’s a topic that a lot of people don’t know about or don’t really want to talk about,” as Hansen said, the committee plans activities and fundraisers to receive money for their cause, while getting the attention of the student body.

“I want to be able to use the connections and networks with people I know,” Hansen said. “I want this to be something that every single student in Davis High is involved in, knowing of the difference we could make by doing these small things.”

The Backyard Broadcast hopes to have members with good leadership skills and who know people. If they get people with good leadership skills and charismatic personalities, then, others will see them and want to join in.

“Once you’re a member you’re always a member,” Hansen said. “It makes you think differently about a lot of things; you never know what someone is going through right now, and it makes you grateful for the good things you have in your life and want to help others.”

From being a member, or helping out in another way, they guarantee that it’s a practice for compromise, talking with other people, planning activities, knowing what signs to look for and how to stop it.

“It’s good to have a lot more opinions from a few people on what would be good to get people to join, become interested and involved in it,” Einfeldt said.

There are three people who are already interested and involved in it. This presidency consists of Cougar Einfeldt, Adam Hansen, and Jared Nelson.

“Last year Jake Ferrell, who asked me to be the advisor, and another girl, Lauren Wilko, started up this club,” Barney said. “Jake left last year, so then he passed it over to Cougar.”

Last year they had one meeting on the field and people came to listen to others who were trapped in this system. They sold shirts, which raised the money that they needed for this national organization.

“It’s not a bunch of kids selling t-shirts and making money. It’s anything that’s going to help people no matter where they are in their life or where they are in the world, and a great service opportunity for scholarships,” Hansen said.”

It didn’t start with student’s selling t-shirts in the United States, but when World War II began and French teenagers went in their backyards to form a resistance against the Nazis. When they made radio broadcasts about awareness and how to make things happen, they called it the Backyard Broadcast.

“It goes to a lot of places, such as Davis High, Layton High, and Weber,” Einfeldt said. “It’s all over the country.”

             Students can participate by contacting Cougar Einfeldt, who will know the time and place for the meetings. To see events from all over the country, go to the Backyard Broadcast Website at