Stage Crew: buckle down, get busy, have fun

Any time the stage in Davis High’s centurial auditorium is used, the stage crew puts hours of time and creativity into designing and building elements for assemblies and all performing arts productions.

During a normal school year, crew designs and builds for assemblies, the musical productions class’ shows, all band, orchestra, and choir concerts, advanced theater’s spring show, and dance companies spring performance. However, this year because of many changes to the performing art’s schedule, stage crew’s workload is heavy and continuous.

Erik Gunn, stage crew advisor, said, “ [the change in schedule has] changed up what we usually do. There is no breathing room, and we’re always going to be busy working on a project. But with stage crew, it doesn’t matter what you do, you buckle down and get busy.”

Even with the schedule changes this year, crew is as ready as ever to complete all the projects crowding their agenda. The musical and musical revue put on by the productions class is a highly anticipated and attended event. Thi, takes up a bulk of the crew’s time, and is often the largest project they work on all year. Elements, such as set and lighting design, start months before the show.

Jessie Booth, senior and first year crew member said, “The musical is a process, we’re in the shop all the time making the set, and then striking it right after.There is no time for breaks, Mr. Gunn makes sure we get the work done, and get it done well.”

Stage crew doesn’t always get chunks of time to prepare for events, assemblies are put into motion 48 hours before showtime. Crew gets a script two days before and begins work immediately. Members will arrive at 6 a.m. to ensure that mics, spotlights, and curtains are all in check for the student body and faculty members to begin rehearsal that morning.

Booth said, “Early morning assembly rehersals are always difficult, what teenager wants to wake up that early, but it’s always well worth it to see our effort and hard work be put to use. the student body is very appreciative”

Although stage crew’s work is all back stage, their work does not go unappreciated. “We don’t do it for the recognition, it’s all behind the scenes,” said Gunn.
Stage crew is an on-the-spot type of job. You learn the vernacular, the jargon, and the techniques while working on projects. This can be difficult for some, however, members say it’s a more practical and efficient way of learning skills than sitting in a classroom.

Stage Crew has helped Booth in other aspects, “It’s helped me become well rounded, I have acting and technical experience now. If an actor has technical experience and knowledge in their portfolio it’s a straight way to full ride scholarship,” she said.

Crew is a class taught fourth period by Mr. Gunn. It’s a lot of outside class work. There is outside of school time that is required in order to get the work done. However, Gunn said, [crew]  is a group activity. We have to work really close together. It builds friendships, and I love how much fun we have. It’s crazy, every day, but i wouldn’t want it any other way.”

If you are interested in joining crew, there is no application process, you only need to sign up and be willing to do the work. Crew is happy to take anyone willing and excited to buckle down, get busy, and have fun.