Alumni remember Dear Ol’ Davis High

This is the centennial year of Davis high. 99 graduating classes have come and gone before this year’s seniors. Maxine Jamison and Glenn Taylor were among the early graduates.
Jamison, graduate of 1937, recalls those years. “We weren’t very well-off in those days, due to the depression. Only one boy drove a car to school. Most of us packed our own lunch, we just couldn’t afford the cafeteria.” The approximate 1300 Students those days weren’t all that different than the 2400 Davis has now. “We were always glad to go to assemblies, anything that got us out of class,” Jamison laughed. “We won the state championship in basketball one of the years I was there, we were all excited about that.” In those times students still used the electric train that ran right in front of school to get there. “We had kids from South Weber all the way to North Salt Lake,” Jamison said.
Taylor, graduate of 1953 and past coach and teacher at Davis, said, “I remember the friendliness of all the kids. We came to learn, not play.” Taylor assisted in coaching football, was the head track coach, sophomore basketball coach and taught physiology. There were about 25-30 students in each of his classes and he remembers it well. “We’d have doctors and nurses in class and we’d bring in parts of the body so we could take them apart and see how they worked. We brought in an eyeball once, the kids loved that.”
Davis’ legacy lives in thousands of people to this day, and Taylor and Jamison are proud to be apart of it. “It’s a good and respected school,” said Jamison. “I will always feel loyal to Davis High.”