Internships connect the dots as to why students need education

Currently at Davis High, students have the opportunity of taking an internship course where they can receive on-site training and figure out if they would like to continue in that field after high school for that specific career.

There are a wide variety of internships available right now at the high school. A few of them include: Physical Therapy, Radiology, Dental, Legal,  Elementary teacher, Psychology, Accounting, Marketing, Engineering, Architects, Interior Designers, Journalism, Broadcasting, Radio Stations, Medical and Veterinarian fields.

The internship program came about when the legislature wanted to give students an opportunity to “test drive” their chosen career field while in high school to give relevancy to their education.

Rebekah Croft, who is currently doing an internship in a 3rd grade classroom said, “I’ve gained a lot from this experience. Being there and helping out the kids instead of just learning about it in a classroom has helped me a lot.”

Croft explained what she does at her internship, “I go every day and the teacher usually has me grade papers, because teachers do that a lot. She’s had me take kids and teach mini classes like math and reading and has me walk around and answer questions from the kids.”

Internships may not work for everyone, but those who are interning really enjoy it.

“I love my internship because it is so fun to be with the kids and I’ve learned a lot from it. I would definitely recommend doing an internship because it helps you gain so much and see if you want to do the career you’re looking into.” said Croft.

To intern, a minimum 3.0 GPA is required and it takes up two class periods out of your schedule. For taking this class, you will receive CTE credit and have a huge advantage in going into the field of your choice out of high school. Doris Peterson, the internship program leader, described the importance of the program.

“One word:  Relevancy.  This program gives students significance to their education.  They actually get to see at their chosen career job just why they need math, science, English, and computer skills.   It connects the dots of why one needs an education.   The greatest thing the students learn is those who have an education have the POWER, MONEY AND CONTROL and those who don’t have an education are the ‘Grunt Workers.’” said Peterson.