Students continue voicing opinions about Homeroom change

Going to homeroom, getting a slip of paper, and leaving to another classroom has become a normal part of the Wednesday routine for many students and teachers. This new homeroom system was just implemented this year and has received varying responses from students and teachers throughout the school.

Steven Drott, a biology teacher, is pleased with the change. “I like the new homeroom system,” said Drott, “especially since my second period [has] a lot of sophomores, I think it’s good for the sophomores to have a teacher [that] they can see every week, and, if there’s any problems, somebody that takes care of them or keeps an eye on them [and] their grades.”

Junior, Steven Spujt, also likes the new system. “I think homeroom is better now because you always have to go to the class where you need the most help in. You waste less time trying to pick and choose what class you’re going to go to. Instead of going where your friends are, you go where you have to go,” said Spujt.

While some students and teachers are happy with the change, others dislike the new homeroom system. “I don’t like it,” said Senior Davis Cox. “It’s boring and you don’t do anything!” Junior Harrison Piper agrees. “I like the advisory part, but I don’t really like the homeroom part; it’s kind of a pain going there,“ said Piper.

Even with these varying opinions, the new homeroom system will continue to be a part of the Wednesday routine of students and teachers throughout the school.