HOSA hopes to donate 100 pints of blood

HOSA will be sponsoring a blood drive in the cafeteria of Davis High on Wednesday, December 11. One “U” can be made up for donating blood, talk to Mrs. Gale in the office for details. Every student who wants to donate must have a parent permission slip signed in ink. Taitlyn Clark Senior at Davis High said, “Hosa has hosted blood drives for many years, the main reason is [because] the tremendous amount of people that are affected by the blood donated. 70 percent of our population have been directly influenced by donated blood. whether for themselves, or for close family and friends.” Martina Thomas senior, at Davis High said, “Blood transfusions save lives, and it’s cool to think that just by spending an hour doing something so simple you are helping someone else in such a great way.”

“If someone is absolutely terrified of giving blood it is totally understandable, the actual drawing of the blood takes a maximum of 15 minutes, you are surrounded by professionals helping you and making sure you don’t pass out. The insertion of the needle hurts for two seconds then you hardly feel a thing, then after that you get free snacks and a t-shirt.” said Clark. If you are not afraid of needles, and love helping people, then help out HOSA and donate some blood.”