How to create a new, official school club

Awkwardly dancing, serving, performing, and participating in athletics are all elements of some of Davis High’s clubs. While some of these clubs have been around for years, there are also many recent clubs, such as the fencing club and the Ultimate Frisbee club, that just started this year.

        There are many steps to creating a new club through the school. Richard Firmage, Assistant Principal, said, “The first thing you have to do [to create a new club] is have an advisor, a member of the faculty. It has to be a teacher on staff. They have to be willing to come to your activities because you have to have an adult advisor at your activities all the time.”

        Once a new club has an advisor, the student creating the new club needs to go to Mr. Miller, the Student Body Officer Advisor and French Teacher. “He [Miller] is the one that has the list of rules and regulations [of what] you can do and what you can’t do. He keeps track of the list of what clubs there are and who are the advisors and things like that,” said Firmage.

While these steps may seem simple, there can be some difficult parts in the process of creating a new official school club. Firmage said, “The trickiest part [for students creating new clubs] is finding someone to help them, an advisor; finding a teacher that is willing to put in the time to do it. Some are easy and some are much more difficult.”

        Throughout Davis High history there have been many clubs created both recently and long ago, but new school clubs can, and will continue to be created in the years to come.