Anatomy of a Single Girl: better for insulation than literature


Anatomy of a Single Girl, written by Daria Snadowsky, follows a college-aged girl named Dominique. She is currently studying to be a doctor and leaves college to spend a summer vacation at home where she meets a boy named Guy Davies. She believes that Guy could become her soul mate. Not even 100 pages into the book she decides to break up with her said “soul mate”. But she soon discovers that she cannot live without this man.


Many parents would not allow their students or children to read this book because of the cover. And they would be right. With a naked, female barbie on the cover it is easy to interpret that the book is sexual, and once again you would be right. The characters in this book become easily addicted to sexual relations, and have trouble continuing on without this in their life.


Much like another female protagonist in the Twilight series, Dominique has some issues continuing on with her life without Guy to fall back on. Basically, she  curls up into a ball without a “tall and strong man by her side”. This is not sending the kind of message that we should be sending to teenage girls these days. Guy is nothing more than a simple sex symbol in the book. He was written in such a way that he has no emotions, no sympathy, and is overall a fairly pathetic member of the male gender.


The only reason I would recommend this book to anyone is if they have a paper shredder and needed the extra insulation of this book to keep them warm through the winter.