Davis hosts third annual Battle of the Bands

Music blared throughout the commons as Davis High hosted their third annual Battle of the Bands on November 20th. The four bands; Cerulean, Surviving Terror, Kings of the Kids Table, and Chasing Jensen fought it out, playing two songs each; one original and one cover. “It’s tough to do your original song because like, you wrote it, you really don’t know if it’s good or not until you perform and get a real audiences opinion,” said Senior Nuno Oliveira, member of Cerulean.

Most years the voting is done by the audience vocally, but this year time was running short so the judges decided the two bands to go on to the regional Battle of the Bands. Those two bands were Cerulean and Kings of the Kids Table. Drummer for Cerulean, Senior Blake Johnson said, “We’re all really excited to be moving onto regionals, but in my opinion music isn’t ever a competition. We do it because we enjoy it. We are all artists who are motivated by music. We can use it to come together, get involved, and have a good time.”